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Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology

The Faculty came into being in 1950 as the Faculty of Metallurgy which developed from the Department of Production Technology. The latter was founded in 1949 within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Częstochowa Engineering College. There were three specializations at the time: foundry, plastic working of metals and steel and pig iron metallurgy. The Faculty had its offices in the university main building, employed very few scientific workers and had very poor laboratory facilities at its disposal. However, in 1969 the construction of specially designed buildings began and in 1976 the new edifices were completed, providing the Faculty with excellent conditions for conducting both scientific research and educational activity.

In 1990 materials engineering was introduced as a new field of study and the Faculty changed its name into the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. Continuous progress in the scientific and educational activity made it possible to introduce technical physics as a new module in 2001. Since 2013, the Faculty has been using its present name - Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology. A range of taught programmes on offer was further extended in 2002 by introducing Management and Production study module. It should be noted that PhD studies have been conduced since the academic year 1973/1974.

The right to confer scientific titles and academic distinctions contributed to the growing prestige of the Faculty. The Faculty was given the right to confer doctorates in Engineering, postdoctoral degrees in Metallurgy, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in Materials Engineering in 1964, 1980 and 1993, respectively. Moreover, the Faculty received the highest scientific category (number I category) from the State Committee for Scientific Research.

Currently, the Faculty offers graduate programmes in the following fields of study:

Metallurgy (since 1950), Materials Engineering (since 1991), Technical Physics (since 1999) and Management and Production Engineering (since 2002). Syllabuses are updated and adapted to the constantly changing conditions on the labour market. Students of Management and Production Engineering are well-qualified engineers with good knowledge of economic issues.

The combination of engineering and managerial skills is sure to guarantee a career success after graduation.

Since 1993 the Faculty has been officially recognized by FEANI, which enables students to apply for the diploma of European engineer (EUR ING).

Each Institute or Department has its own laboratories, where supervised research is conducted. Computer rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art software with easy access to the Internet. It is worth noting that students who are members of special interest groups actively participate in the research undertaken by the Faculty.

The high level of academic education makes students excellent employees in many outstanding national and overseas organizations.

The Faculty is involved in research and development activities which are meant to make the economy of the country more competitive and innovative as well as to establish wide cooperation strategy with many leading research centres and engineering institutions in Europe, Asia and America. In all aspects of its activity, the Faculty meets the EU requirements and standards.

The results of the theoretical studies find their practical applications in many branches of industry such as steelmaking plants, foundries, automobile factories or power plants . The Faculty has developed strategic partnerships with many regional businesses, for example Arcelor Mittal Steel, CMC Zawiercie S.A., Buczek Steel Mill, ISD Częstochowa Steel Mill, Małapanew S.A. Steel Mill in Ozimek, CF Gomma Częstochowa, Pronovum in Katowice. The results of cooperation with businesses are published in the world-recognised magazines and academic journals and they are also presented during many national and international conferences that the Faculty convenes regularly.