Politechnika Częstochowska


Full-time studies

CUT offers full-time BSc, MSc studies in English. If you choose this option you can benefit from a unique educational offer that will help you develop a wide range of useful and transferable skills.

All lectures, classes and projects are conducted entirely in English.

The main objective of studies in English is to educate future engineers who, while gaining in-depth professional knowledge of their fields of study, will also develop excellent linguistic competence in ESP and Business English.

The teaching staff of the courses in English consists of the academics who have experience in the area of international cooperation as well as lecturers invited from partner universities.

Available courses:

  • MSc in Logistics
  • BSc in Quality and Production Management
  • MSc in Computational Intelligence and Data Mining
  • MSc in Computational Intelligence and Data Science
  • MSc in Modelling and Simulation in Mechanics
  • MSc in Management
  • MSc in Intelligent Energy for Environmental Protection
  • MSc in Quality and Production Management

The university reserves the right to revoke  intake in case of insufficient interest among the students.